Podcast Central

We help Australian business owners build credibility and engagement with potential customers.

We also help peak organisations inform and inspire their members and the education sector enhance student learning.

Who we help

Podcast Central helps Australian business owners build credibility and engagement with potential customers. We help associations and peak bodies educate and inform their members.

We also help educational institutions supplement their student learning by engaging them where they consume content in podcasts.

For 20 years we've been helping people tell their stories so more people know who they are and how they help but don't know how to start, so never do.

We provide a full service to take all the hassle out of getting started from copywriting, production, hosting and analytics.

All you need to do is do what you do best, being you.

Why should I podcast?

We live in an on demand world. Traditional forms of marketing do not have the same reach they used to. More and more people want the freedom to listen to the content they want to when they want to. They also don't want to be interrupted with commercials on every platform.

We are also in a world where more than ever, consumers want to establish your business credibility before they will engage your product or service. They need to be connected to your business in some way before they pick up the phone. If they look at facebook and Google reviews, they will likely look at your website as well.

One of the ways to connect, engage and build a relationship with prospective clients is through podcasting.

Podcasts allow you to broaden your reach, establish your authenticity and credibility as an expert in your field, create a personal connection with a prospective customer since people generally want to do business with people.

Almost everyone listens to podcasts on their phones so you can engage your prospects wherever they are and if they have the phone in their hand anyway and you are clever with your digital marketing strategy and retargeting, they may just call you right after listening to your podcast.

Podcasts are also cost effective. Each one is produced once and they never expire so long as you are still subscribed to the hosting. Also you can promote your podcast content in multiple ways for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Why you should engage Podcast Central

There are five pain points to starting a podcast.

  1. Starting point / content
  2. Not confident speaking
  3. Production
  4. Distribution
  5. Analytics (knowing if anyone is listening)

We have a solution for all of those.

Engaging copy
Podcast Central are partnered with two great Copywriters who can help anyone come up with compelling content for a podcast series.

Voice coaching and voice-over talent
We are partnering with NIDA voice coach Eleanor Stankiewicz who can help with speaking clearly and confidently in front of a microphone.

Production Experience
With over 20 years of radio and audio production experience, Podcast Central has the experience, skills, tools, attention to detail.

Podcast Central also takes care of hosting your podcast and telling all the sources of podcasts like Apple Podcasts and Spotify where to find you.

Once a month, Podcast central will send you analytics including: listener location, device type, which apps your listeners are using for podcasts.

Added bonus
If you don't have a blog and need a cost effective way to create content, Podcast Central can transcribe your podcast and our copy editor will create blogs from your content.